Technology / Computers / Bay: An opening in a computer case (chassis) for the purpose of holding disk drives or other externally mounted devices.

Bayonet Network Connector (BNC)

Technology / Computers / Bayonet Network Connector (BNC): In computing, a Bayonet Network Connector is commonly used in the CCTV industry, usually installs on coaxial cable. The benefit of this connector is its ease of installation and its ability to produce MORE

Bayesian Filter

Technology / Email / Bayesian Filter: An anti-spam program that evaluates header and content of incoming email messages to determine the probability that it is spam. Bayesian filters assign point values to items that appear frequently in MORE

Hudson Bay Low

Science / Weather / Hudson Bay Low: An area of low pressure over or near the Hudson Bay area of Canada that often introduces cold air to the north central and northeast United States. MORE

Bay Window

Business / Construction / Bay Window: Any window space projecting outward from the walls of a building, either square or polygonal in plan. MORE

Bayberry (Myrica ceriferea)

Health / Herbs / Bayberry (Myrica ceriferea): Astringent in diarrhea, reduces secretions, used also in colds and chills, relaxes nervous tension which may be cause colic. MORE

Drive Bay

Technology / Computers / Drive Bay: An allocated space inside a computer case where an internal device such as a; floppy, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM is mounted. MORE