Boolean Logic

Technology / Computers / Boolean Logic: A type of mathematical logic named after its designer George Boole. This binary algebraic system is used primarily in switching circuits and database searches. Search engines use logical operators called, Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT). AND: Narrows a keyword search by collecting all terms present in the same document. NOT: Prevents retrieval of unwanted documents containing a keyword. OR: which broadens a keyword search by linking related terms.

Other Words for Logic

Logic Noun Synonyms: reasonableness, intelligence, judiciousness, practicality, rationality
Logic Adjective Synonyms: reasoning, deduction, dialectics, ratiocination, inferential or scientific reasoning

Meteorological Tides

Science / Tides and Currents / Meteorological Tides: Tidal constituents having their origin in the daily or seasonal variations in weather conditions which may occur with some degree of periodicity. The principal meteorological constituents recognized i MORE

Meteorological Astrology (Astro-Meteorology)

Science / Astrology / Meteorological Astrology (Astro-Meteorology): The use of astrology for forecasting the weather conditions, earthquakes, and severe storms. Also called natural astrology. MORE

Morphological Convergence

Science / Biology / Morphological Convergence: The evolution of basically dissimilar structures to serve a common function. For example: the wings of birds and insects. MORE