Technology / Computers / Boot: The process of turning on the computer and beginning the process of loading the programs and operating system into memory to be processed into tangible data.

Other Words for Boot

Boot Noun Synonyms: shoe, riding-boot, bootee
Boot Verb Synonyms: eject, expel, shove, propel, push, kick

Cold Boot

Technology / Computers / Cold Boot: A cold reboot also referred to as a hard boot. This occurs when a computer user must switch the computer system off from the main power switch. This process bypasses the normal shut down procedure of MORE

Hard Boot

Technology / Computers / Hard Boot: A hard reboot (also known as a cold reboot) is when power to a computer is cycled (turned on and off) or a special reset signal to the processor is triggered (from a front panel switch of some sort). MORE

Warm Boot

Technology / Computers / Warm Boot: Rebooting the system by using a software command rather than turning the power off, then on. The system is reset but power is never interrupted. MORE


Technology / Computers / Reboot: To restart a computer. In DOS, you can reboot by pressing the Alt, Control and Delete keys simultaneously. This is called a warm boot. You can also perform a cold boot by turning the computer off and MORE

Boot Disk

Technology / Computers / Boot Disk: This refers to a diskette that is formatted to actually boot your computer from. They were created as a backup tool in case the normal boot method (hard disk) has failed. MORE


Entertainment / Football / Bootleg: An offensive play predicated upon misdirection in which the quarterback pretends to hand the ball to another player, and then carries the ball in the opposite direction of the supposed ballcarrier wit MORE