Technology / Computers / Bridge: A bridge is a computer networking device used to make a connection and pass along packets of data between two networking computers using the same protocol.

Other Words for Bridge

Bridge Verb Synonyms: span, cross (over), go or pass over, traverse
Bridge Noun Synonyms: span

Bridge Programs

Life Style / College / Bridge Programs: Bridge Programs offer students an additional path for transferring to certain four-year colleges or universities. Bridge programs feature a seamless transition as a sophomore after spending your fresh MORE

South Bridge

Technology / Computers / South Bridge: The lower-speed component in the chipset. The South Bridge connects to the PCI bus and contains the IDE interface ports. Normally, it also contains the USB interface and sometimes the CMOS and clock f MORE


Technology / Digital Cameras / Pictbridge: Pictbridge is an international direct-print standard adopted by most major manufacturers of digital cameras and photo printers. With pictbridge, you can connect a compatible camera to a pictbridge pho MORE

Bridge Mounted (2 and 3-Way Speakers)

Technology / Home Audio / Bridge Mounted (2 and 3-Way Speakers): In combined 2 and 3-way speakers, which have woofers together with a Tweeter, or a Tweeter and a Midrange Driver, the smaller drivers are attached to the woofer by either one of two standard mountings MORE

Bridged Power

Technology / Home Audio / Bridged Power: Bridging an amplifier, combines the power output of two channels into one channel. Bridging allows the amplifier to drive one speaker with more power than the amp could produce for two speakers. Becau MORE

Maryland Bridge

Health / Dentistry / Maryland Bridge: The trade name that has become synonymous with any resin bonded fixed partial denture (bridge). MORE