Technology / Computers / Browser: A browser is the software used for viewing pages on the web. Two examples are Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

Browser Caching

Business / Internet Marketing / Browser Caching: To speed surfing, browsers store recently used pages on a user's disk. If a site is revisited, browsers display pages from the disk instead of requesting them from the server. As a result, servers und MORE

Image Browser

Technology / Digital Cameras / Image Browser: An application that enables you to view digital photos. Some browsers also allow you to rename files, convert photos from one file format to another, add text descriptions, and more. MORE

Web Browser

Business / Internet Marketing / Web Browser: A software application that allows for the browsing of the World Wide Web. MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Browsers: Organisms that feed by scraping thin layers of living organisms from the surface of the substratum (eg., periwinkles feeding on rock-surface diatom films; urchins scraping a thin, filmy sponge colony MORE


Business / Internet Marketing / Cookie: A file on your computer that records information such as where you have been on the World Wide Web. The browser stores this information which allows a site to remember the browser in future transactio MORE


Technology / Computers / Forms: A web page element that uses text fields, radio buttons and check boxes to process predefined data. Forms also allow users to interact with an application by allowing information to be passed dynamica MORE