Technology / Computers / Buffer: A block of memory used as something of a holding tank for the temporary storage of data, usually existing between a peripheral device and a computer. The buffer allows the data to be read from or wrtten to the peripheral in large chunks, improving performance. It is not the same as a cache, which is a more intelligent form of a similar technology.

Buffer Strips

Business / Agriculture / Buffer Strips: Slender areas of permanent vegetation, often planted along the edge or the contour of a field, usually to slow the flow of water or the velocity of wind, in order to capture sediment and other materia MORE

Buffered Memory

Technology / Computers / Buffered Memory: Using a buffer to isolate the memory from the controller reduces the load on the chipset. This allows for more memory chips to be used. MORE

Riparian Buffer

Business / Agriculture / Riparian Buffer: A strip of vegetation along the bank of a body of water which slows the rate of flow of runoff from adjoining uplands, causing sediment and other materials to fall out onto the land before the runoff MORE