Technology / Computers / Bug: A flaw, error, or defect in a program.

Other Words for Bug

Bug Verb Synonyms: annoy, irritate, pester, irk, harass, bother
Bug Noun Synonyms: insect, beetle, larva, grub, caterpillar, butterfly, mosquito, fly, spider, creepy-crawly, no-see-em

B Bug

Entertainment / Video Games / B Bug: A bug of second-highest priority. Whereas an 'A' bug absolutely must be fixed, it is conceivable to release a product without fixing a 'B' bug (but such a bug will likely be noticed and commented on b MORE

C Bug

Entertainment / Video Games / C Bug: The second-lowest priority of bug. Whereas 'A' bugs absolutely must be fixed and 'B' bugs are damaging to the game's reputation if unfixed, most players or reviewers will not notice if a game is relea MORE

D Bug

Entertainment / Video Games / D Bug: The lowest category of bug. Whenever someone uses the phrase, 'It Would Be Nice If' in discussing a bug, that's a 'D' bug. In the interest of getting the game finished so people can play it, it usuall MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Debug: The process of fixing a bug, or sometimes of merely determining the source of a bug so that it can be fixed. MORE

Debug Station

Entertainment / Video Games / Debug Station: May be used to refer to one of two different kinds of hardware. A 'debugger' is a machine formerly used specifically for the purpose of 'trapping' (identifying) the source of a bug. These days, 'debug MORE

A Bug

Entertainment / Video Games / A Bug: A bug of the highest priority (a bug that must be fixed, else the game cannot be released). MORE