Bus Mastering

Technology / Computers / Bus Mastering: A technique that allows certain advanced bus architectures to delegate control data transfers between the CPU and associated peripheral devices to an add-in board. This gives greater system bus access and higher data transfer rates than conventional systems.

Globus Hystericus

Science / Psychiatry / Globus Hystericus: The disturbing sensation of a lump in the throat. MORE

Front Side Bus

Technology / Computers / Front Side Bus: This is the main pathway for data transfer in a PC. It connects all of a computers major components, such as; memory, AGP socket and chipset. MORE

Fictitious Business (Company) Name

Business / Real Estate / Fictitious Business (Company) Name: A business name other than that of the person under whom the business is registered. Most state license laws require such brokerage offices operating under an assumed name be jointly registered under MORE

Fence Buster

Entertainment / Baseball / Fence Buster: A heavy hitter. MORE

Iamb, Iambus

Life Style / Poetry / Iamb, Iambus: A metrical foot consisting of an unaccented syllable followed by an accented one. This is the rhythm of ordinary english speech. Examples of iambic words are 'divide' and 'deter.' gerard manley hopkin MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Iambus: Another term for an iamb. See above. MORE