Technology / Computers / Cache: A very high speed type of memory that is similar to random access memory (RAM). The difference in RAM and Cache is that the Cache memory is on the server side and the RAM is stored in the computer system. Cache is much faster than RAM but they both serve the same purpose and that is to remember previously accessed information. Most commonly, the Cache memory is to remember the previously visited web page so that the computer itself doesn't have to spend its resources providing the page.

Other Words for Cache

Cache Noun Synonyms: hiding-place, hole, vault, repository
Cache Verb Synonyms: hide, store, conceal, squirrel away, secrete, bury, stash (away)

Cache RAM

Technology / Computers / Cache RAM: Cache (commonly referred to as SRAM) is responsible for storing frequently requested instructions and data. It is a small block of high-speed memory located between the CPU and the main memory. When y MORE

L1 Cache

Technology / Computers / L1 Cache: Stands for level one cache. A memory cache that is built into the CPU core to temporarily hold data being processed. MORE

L2 Cache

Technology / Computers / L2 Cache: Stands for level two cache. A memory cache housed outside the processor core, but still a part of the CPU. Typically larger and slower than the L1 cache. MORE