Cache RAM

Technology / Computers / Cache RAM: Cache (commonly referred to as SRAM) is responsible for storing frequently requested instructions and data. It is a small block of high-speed memory located between the CPU and the main memory. When your computer processor needs data, it will check the Cache first to see if it is there. If the data is not there, it will retrieve it from the slower main memory.

Other Words for Cache

Cache Verb Synonyms: hide, store, conceal, squirrel away, secrete, bury, stash (away)
Cache Noun Synonyms: hiding-place, hole, vault, repository

Other Words for Ram

Ram Verb Synonyms: butt, bump, strike, hit, collide with, dash, crash, slam
Ram Noun Synonyms: jam, force, drive, cram, crowd, pack, compress, stuff, squeeze, thrust, tamp, pound, hammer


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Pipeline Burst Cache

Technology / Computers / Pipeline Burst Cache: A type of memory cache built into many modern DRAM controller and chipset designs. Pipeline burst caches use two techniques - a burst mode that pre-fetches memory contents before they are requested, a MORE


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