Technology / Computers / Channel: A channel in computing is a specific bandwidth and frequency combination.

Other Words for Channel

Channel Verb Synonyms: direct, convey, pass, guide, lead, conduct
Channel Noun Synonyms: watercourse, canal, waterway, ditch, aqueduct, sluice, trench, trough, gutter, moat, river-bed, stream-bed

Control Channel

Technology / Cell Phones / Control Channel: A logic channel carrying network information rather than the actual voice or data messages transmitted over the network. MORE

J Channel

Business / Construction / J Channel: Metal edging used on drywall to give the edge a better finished appearance when a wall is not 'wrapped' Generally, basement stairway walls have drywall only on the stair side. J Channel is used on the MORE

Multichannel Video Programming Distributors (MVPDS)

Technology / Television (TV) / Multichannel Video Programming Distributors (MVPDS): A multichannel video program distributor is an entity such as a cable operator, a BRS/EBS provider, a direct broadcast satellite service, a television receive-only satellite program distributor, or a MORE

Back Channel

Technology / Television (TV) / Back Channel: A means of communication from users to content providers. As content providers are transmitting interactive television (analog or digital) to users, users can connect through a back channel to a websi MORE

Center Channel Speaker

Technology / Home Audio / Center Channel Speaker: The center channel speaker reproduces almost all of a movie's dialogue and much of the special effects. Since its purpose is to keep sound anchored to the on-screen action, a good center channel speak MORE

Thoroughfare Channels

Science / Biology / Thoroughfare Channels: Shortcuts within the capillary network that allow blood to bypass a capillary bed. MORE