Technology / Computers / Clone: An imitation or copy of the original. Usually refers to building a computer system that is based on and compatible with another computer company's system.

Wave Cyclone

Science / Weather / Wave Cyclone: A cyclone which forms and moves along a front. The circulation around the cyclone's center produces a wavelike deformation on the front. May also be call a migratory cyclone or low. MORE

Extratropical Cyclone

Science / Weather / Extratropical Cyclone: Any cyclone that is no longer tropical in origin. Generally considered to be a migratory frontal cyclone found in the middle and high latitudes. MORE


Science / Weather / Cyclone: An area of closed pressure circulation with rotating and converging winds, the center of which is a relative pressure minimum. The circulation is counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and clockw MORE

Recombinant Clones

Science / Genetics / Recombinant Clones: Clones containing recombinant dna molecules. See recombinant dna technologies. MORE


Science / Weather / Anticyclone: A relative pressure maximum. An area of pressure that has diverging winds and a rotation opposite to the earth's rotation. This is clockwise the Northern Hemisphere and counter-clockwise in the Southe MORE

Tropical Cyclone

Science / Weather / Tropical Cyclone: A warm core low pressure system which develops over tropical, and sometimes subtropical, waters, and has an organized circulation. Depending on sustained surface winds, the system is classified as a t MORE