Coaxial Cable

Technology / Computers / Coaxial Cable: A data transmission cable praised for its high bandwidth, immunity to interference (eg: EMI) and cursed for its high cost. The inner conductor is shielded in insulating material as well as an outer conductor.

Other Words for Cable

Cable Noun Synonyms: wire, line, rope, hawser, chain, mooring, strand, guy
Cable Verb Synonyms: telegraph, wire, radio

Cable Modem

Technology / Computers / Cable Modem: A cable modem is a type of Internet connection that is transmitted through a coaxial cable. The benefits of this technology are that you are able to achieve much faster speeds through a cable connecti MORE

RF (Radio Frequency) Cable

Entertainment / Video Games / RF (Radio Frequency) Cable: A low quality signal sent over coaxial cable (used for cable TV). These cables were commonly used for old video game systems, and are still available for new ones. Produces the lowest quality video si MORE

Basic Cable

Technology / Television (TV) / Basic Cable: Channels received by cable subscribers at no extra charge, usually supported by advertising and small per-subscriber fees paid by cable operators. MORE

Jumper Cables

Technology / Motorcycle / Jumper Cables: Jumper Cables are heavy electrical cables with clips on the ends used to connect two batteries together to Jump Start a motorcycle battery. Read the Basic Motorcycle Tip, below, for procedures to use MORE

Irrevocable Trust

Business / Taxes / Irrevocable Trust: An irrevocable trust is a legal agreement whose terms cannot be changed by the creator or grantor who establishes the trust without the consent of the beneficiary or beneficiaries. The trust document MORE

Digital Cable

Technology / Television (TV) / Digital Cable: A service provided by many cable providers (Time Warner and insight both offer it) which offers viewers more channels, access to pay-per-view programs, and online guides. Digital cable is not the same MORE