Technology / Computers / Collision: This is a problem that is a result from two or more device attempting to send a signal along the same channel. The usual result of a collision is a garbled message. All computer networks have in place some sort of mechanism to either prevent collisions altogether or to quickly recover from a collision if they were to occur.

Other Words for Collision

Collision Verb Synonyms: smash-up, smash, crash, wreck, pile-up, prang, crack-up

Collision Frequency

Science / Chemistry / Collision Frequency: The average number of collisions that a molecule undergoes each second. MORE

Collision Theory

Science / Chemistry / Collision Theory: A theory that explains reaction rates in terms of collisions between reactant molecules. MORE

Collision Damage Waiver (Cdw)

Life Style / Travel / Collision Damage Waiver (Cdw): Car rental insurance covering any damage to a rental vehicle (cdw); many credit card companies cover their clients in this area if they use that card to pay for the rental. Check with you credit card MORE