Technology / Computers / Command: An instruction that is issued to the computer from a command line or prompt.

Other Words for Command

Command Noun Synonyms: order, direct, bid, enjoin, charge, request, require, demand, instruct, say, prescribe, decree
Command Verb Synonyms: control, dominate, have or maintain or wield authority or control or sway or influence over, hold sway over, lead, rule, govern, have under one's thumb, call the tune, head (up)

Command Line

Technology / Computers / Command Line: Commands you type to run an application. You can type commands at an MS-DOS prompt or in the Run dialog box in the Program Manager of Windows. Interfaces in which you type commands rather than choose MORE

Pilot In Command (PIC)

Technology / Aviation / Pilot In Command (PIC): The pilot responsible for the operation and safety of an aircraft during flight time. MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Negativism: motiveless resistance to commands and attempts to be moved MORE


Technology / Programming / Modules: Modules are small pieces of pre-written python code that you can import into your programs. Using the 'import' command, you can effectively 'cut and paste' all or part of a module. Regardless of wheth MORE

Economic Rent

Business / Real Estate / Economic Rent: Currently referred to as market rent, it is the rental income that real estate can command in an open, competitive market at any given time, as contrasted with contract rent, or the income actually re MORE


Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Noindex: A command found in either the HEAD section of a web page or within individual link code, which instructs robots to not index the page or the specific link. A form of link condom. MORE