Compact Disk (CD)

Technology / Computers / Compact Disk (CD): A 12cm optical disk that contains digitally encoded information.

Other Words for Compact

Compact Verb Synonyms: packed, compacted, closely-knit, condensed, concentrated, consolidated, compressed, dense, solid, firm, thick
Compact Adjective Synonyms: tight, small, snug, little

Hard Disk

Technology / Computers / Hard Disk: High-capacity disk storage unit with a non-removable hard storage medium. The platters in a hard disk are normally made out of aluminum or glass and ceramic. MORE

Interstate Compact

Life Style / Adoption / Interstate Compact: A voluntary agreement between two or more states designed to address common problems of the states concerned. MORE

Floppy Disks

Technology / Digital Cameras / Floppy Disks: Storage media for some digital cameras. MORE

Floppy Disk

Technology / Computers / Floppy Disk: A removable disk using a flexible magnetic media in a plastic case. 3.5'' floppy disks are sometimes seen in modern computing, but are quickly being replaced as their predecessors were. MORE

Disk Cache

Technology / Computers / Disk Cache: A portion of memory on the motherboard or another card or controller that is used to store information that is frequently accessed in order to speed up disk access. The large the cache, the greater am MORE


Technology / Computers / FDISK: A disk partitioning program used by several different operating systems to create the master boot record and set partitions for the operating system. Most commonly used as: FDISK /MBR, which resets th MORE