Compact Disk Rewritable (CD-RW)

Technology / Computers / Compact Disk Rewritable (CD-RW): A rewritable CD or a recording device that handles them. Can be rewritten by a CD recording device at least 1,000 times. CD-RW drives can also be used to write CD-Rs and read CD-ROMs.

Other Words for Compact

Compact Verb Synonyms: packed, compacted, closely-knit, condensed, concentrated, consolidated, compressed, dense, solid, firm, thick
Compact Adjective Synonyms: tight, small, snug, little

Interstate Compact

Life Style / Adoption / Interstate Compact: A voluntary agreement between two or more states designed to address common problems of the states concerned. MORE

Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance (ICAMA)

Life Style / Adoption / Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance (ICAMA): An agreement between member states that governs the interstate delivery of and payment for medical services and adoption assistance payments/subsidies for adopted children with special needs. The agre MORE

Hard Disk

Technology / Computers / Hard Disk: High-capacity disk storage unit with a non-removable hard storage medium. The platters in a hard disk are normally made out of aluminum or glass and ceramic. MORE

Floppy Disks

Technology / Digital Cameras / Floppy Disks: Storage media for some digital cameras. MORE


Technology / Computers / FDISK: A disk partitioning program used by several different operating systems to create the master boot record and set partitions for the operating system. Most commonly used as: FDISK /MBR, which resets th MORE

Floppy Disk

Technology / Computers / Floppy Disk: A removable disk using a flexible magnetic media in a plastic case. 3.5'' floppy disks are sometimes seen in modern computing, but are quickly being replaced as their predecessors were. MORE