Technology / Computers / Crash: A malfunction that can be hardware or software related that brings work to a halt. Most are software related and rebooting the machine will resolve the problem, but data loss is common.

Other Words for Crash

Crash Verb Synonyms: force, drive, run, smash
Crash Noun Synonyms: fall, topple

Crash Bar

Technology / Motorcycle / Crash Bar: Many motorcycles have a Crash Bar or guard to protect the bike should it fall over. You'll have to look carefully on some bikes to see them and not all bikes are so equipped. Some models hide the prot MORE

Crash Padding

Technology / Motorcycle / Crash Padding: A motorcyclist’s protective clothing, especially abrasion-resistant and impact absorbing riding gear and helmet. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Armor: Protective padding used to reinforce motorcycle apparel. It is designed to absorb energy on impact to help protect the rider in the event of a crash. Armor is available to better protect a rider’s MORE

Low Side

Entertainment / Golf / Low Side: The downhill edge of the cup when it is on any slant MORE

High Side

Entertainment / Golf / High Side: The uphill edge of the cup when it is on any slant MORE

Kao (Kaau)

Health / Tai Chi / Kao (Kaau): Literally: 'leaning.' This is the shifting of the body into the partner to unbalance them. There does not seem to be a good English equivalent: 'bumping' suggests crashing force. Kao does not rely on MORE