Critical Mass

Technology / Computers / Critical Mass: The scale or volume at which processes become self-perpetuating. In Web publishing, it is said that after achieving a certain amount of material and resources, it will create a self-sustaining chain reaction.

Other Words for Critical

Critical Adjective Synonyms: carping, fault-finding, censorious, disparaging, depreciatory or depreciative, depreciating, deprecatory or deprecative, deprecating, judgemental

Other Words for Mass

Mass Noun Synonyms: pile, heap, mountain, load, stack, mound, bunch, bundle, lot, batch, quantity, hoard, store, collection, accumulation, aggregation, agglomeration, congeries, assortment, miscellany, assemblage, conglomeration
Mass Verb Synonyms: abundance, quantity, profusion, volume, multitude, horde, host, mob, crowd, throng, drove(s), herd(s), swarm(s), legion(s), score(s), number(s), bunch(es), ton(s), mountain, piles, bags, barrels, oodles, lots, oceans, loads, scads, mess, slew(s)

Massage Therapy

Health / Massage / Massage Therapy: Massage or massage therapy are systems of structured palpation or movement of the soft tissue of the body. The massage system may include, but is not limited to, such techniques as, stroking, kneading MORE

Massage Therapist

Health / Massage / Massage Therapist: A person who practices therapeutic massage. In many US states, massage therapists can be licensed after completing a specified training program. Licensed therapists may practice independently or in a MORE

Massage Modality Or Technique

Health / Massage / Massage Modality Or Technique: A kind of massage, such as Swedish, deep tissue or myofascial release. MORE


Health / Massage / Massage: The manipulation of muscle and connective tissue to enhance the function of those tissues and promote relaxation and well-being. Therapeutic massage can ease tension and reduce pain. Massage can be a MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Massasoit: Has synonym name Rogers 3. Reported to be derived from a Carter x Black Hamburg cross, released about 1867. Vigorous and very hardy in all but the coldest winters, it bears a striking resemblance to I MORE


Science / Geology / Massive: A term used in reference to a rock unit that is homogeneous in texture, fabric and appearance. MORE