Technology / Computers / Cursor: A cursor is a blinking indicator designed to mark the place of text where a person may be working within a document.


Health / Vitamins / Precursor: A substance used as a building block for another substance. MORE

Bearing Cursor

Technology / Radar / Bearing Cursor: The radial line inscribed on a transparent disk which can be rotated manually about an axis coincident with the center of the ppi. It is used for bearing determination. Other lines inscribed parallel MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Alchemy: The medieval and Renaissance precursor to modern chemistry, characterized by mystical philosophy and attempts to turn 'base' metals such as lead and tin into 'noble' metals such as gold and silver. Th MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Anglo-Saxon: (1) Historically, the term refers to a group of Teutonic tribes who invaded England in the fifth and sixth centuries following the departure of Roman legions in 410 CE. These tribes, the Angles, the S MORE

Electronic Bearing Line (EBL)

Technology / Radar / Electronic Bearing Line (EBL): An EBL control is used to display the relative or true bearing of a target on the display. The ebl is moved with the cursor, and the bearing is usually read at the bottom of the screen in degrees. One MORE


Technology / Radar / VRM: Variable range marker. An adjustable range ring used to measure the distance to a target. When the vrm is adjusted over the leading edge of a return with the cursor control, the distance to the object MORE