Technology / Computers / Data: This refers to the information that is stored on a computer system.

Other Words for Data

Data Adjective Synonyms: facts, information, statistics, figures, details, matter, observations, material(s), text, evidence


Technology / Computers / Database: Anything that accepts data is a database. A pile of newspapers is a database. A computer database has the ability to manipulate that data. It is possible to attach applications to that database to sea MORE

Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD)

Technology / Cell Phones / Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD): An enhanced packet overlay on analog cell phone networks used to transmit and receive data. This technology allows data files to be broken into a number of packets and sent along idle channels of exis MORE

Infrared Data Association (IrDA)

Technology / Cell Phones / Infrared Data Association (IrDA): A membership organization founded in 1993 and dedicated to developing standards for wireless, infrared transmission systems between computers. With IrDA ports, a laptop or PDA can exchange data with a MORE

Radio Data System (Rds)

Technology / Home Audio / Radio Data System (Rds): RDS stands for Radio Data System. RDS tuners can automatically tune in stations according to the types of music (or talk) they broadcast. RDS also enables a receiver to display text messages and even MORE

Compression (Data)

Technology / Home Audio / Compression (Data): The process of packing digital data, such as computer files, more efficiently for the purpose of storage or transmission. Commonly referred to as 'stuffing' or 'zipping' a file. MORE

Data Bus

Technology / Computers / Data Bus: Data Buses are used on a systems motherboard and contain a group of parallel conductors also known as circuit traces. Data Buses are used by the CPU to transmit and receive data from all connected dev MORE