Data Bus

Technology / Computers / Data Bus: Data Buses are used on a systems motherboard and contain a group of parallel conductors also known as circuit traces. Data Buses are used by the CPU to transmit and receive data from all connected devices in a computer system. It is also referred to as the external data bus.

Other Words for Data

Data Adjective Synonyms: facts, information, statistics, figures, details, matter, observations, material(s), text, evidence


Technology / Computers / BUS: A bus is a grouping of wires that allow the flow of data from one area of the computer to another. It is thought of that a bus represents a highway that the data travels through in the computer system MORE

High-Speed Circuit Switched Data (HSCSD)

Technology / Cell Phones / High-Speed Circuit Switched Data (HSCSD): The final evolution of circuit switched data within the GSM environment. HSCSD enables the transmission of data over a GSM link at speeds of up to 57.6kbit-s. This is achieved by concatenating consecu MORE

Iamb, Iambus

Life Style / Poetry / Iamb, Iambus: A metrical foot consisting of an unaccented syllable followed by an accented one. This is the rhythm of ordinary english speech. Examples of iambic words are 'divide' and 'deter.' gerard manley hopkin MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Iambus: Another term for an iamb. See above. MORE

Hazardous Substance Release And Health Effects Database (Hazdat)

Health / Disease / Hazardous Substance Release And Health Effects Database (Hazdat): The scientific and administrative database system developed by ATSDR to manage data collection, retrieval, and analysis of site-specific information on hazardous substances, community health concerns, MORE

Globus Hystericus

Science / Psychiatry / Globus Hystericus: The disturbing sensation of a lump in the throat. MORE