Technology / Computers / Database: Anything that accepts data is a database. A pile of newspapers is a database. A computer database has the ability to manipulate that data. It is possible to attach applications to that database to search the contents.

Hazardous Substance Release And Health Effects Database (Hazdat)

Health / Disease / Hazardous Substance Release And Health Effects Database (Hazdat): The scientific and administrative database system developed by ATSDR to manage data collection, retrieval, and analysis of site-specific information on hazardous substances, community health concerns, MORE

Intelligent Roaming Database (IRDB)

Technology / Cell Phones / Intelligent Roaming Database (IRDB): A list of acceptable and unacceptable networks for a phone to roam with stored either on a SIM card or in the phone. MORE

Relational Database

Technology / Computers / Relational Database: A method in which data is stored in multiple tables so that the data can be organized by pre-defined relationships. MORE

Term Vector Database

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Term Vector Database: A weighted index of documents which aims to understand the topic of documents based on how similar they are to other documents, and then match the most relevant documents to a search query based on ve MORE


Entertainment / Tennis / Fry: Jargon for winning (or losing) a set 6-1, with the straight shape of the '1' being evoked supposedly by the straight shape of a potato fry. The term seems to be used relatively rarely. MORE

Gloire De Montpellier

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Gloire De Montpellier: Has over 20 synonym names listed in the Geilweilerhof Database (above). Vitis riparia vine used as a rootstock. No other details as yet. MORE