Technology / Computers / Decoder: A software, hardware or circuit that is designed to translate a coded or scrambled signal in to a readable form. A common use for this is by cable companies that scramble a signal until a subscriber becomes authorized to view the signal. The cable company then decodes the signal in to a viewable form.

ntegrated Receiver Decoder (IRD)

Technology / Television (TV) / ntegrated Receiver Decoder (IRD): Satellite TV system receiver with a built-in decoder for unscrambling subscription channels. It is usually called a satellite receiver. MORE

COder-DECoder (Codec)

Technology / Computers / COder-DECoder (Codec): 1) Short for Compressor/Decompressor. This technology is used for compressing and decompressing data. Codecs are widely used in both hardware and software. A few examples of codecs are: Cinepak, Indeo MORE


Technology / Television (TV) / Codec: Short for 'coder-decoder'. A device that converts analog video and audio signals into a digital format for transmission. It also converts received digital signals back into an analog format. MORE