Desk Top Publishing (DTP)

Technology / Computers / Desk Top Publishing (DTP): A PC Term that describes a program that enables you to design, create and print a variety of projects such as letterheads, birthday cards, calendars, business cards, invitations etc. that would have previously only been possible by using the services of an outside printers business.

Other Words for Top

Top Verb Synonyms: surmount, cover, cap, crown, tip, finish, complete, garnish
Top Noun Synonyms: summit, apex, peak, acme, crest, head, pinnacle, vertex, zenith, meridian, crown, culmination, high point, height, apogee


Life Style / Travel / Stopover: A planned stayover in a city for a day or more, while enroute to another destination. Sometimes adds significantly to the cost of an air ticket. MORE


Business / Finance / Stopped: The lowest auction price at which Treasury bills are sold. MORE

Stopped Out

Business / Finance / Stopped Out: Guaranteed a specific price on the customer's working order while the dealer tries to obtain a better one. Stopped against one's self involves a customer order and a firm's own account, not two custom MORE

Stop-Out Price

Business / Finance / Stop-Out Price: An order to sell a stock when the price falls to a specified level. MORE

Stop-Loss Order

Business / Finance / Stop-Loss Order: A stop order that designates a price limit. Unlike the stop order, which becomes a market order once the stop is reached, the stop-limit order becomes a limit order. MORE


Health / Health Insurance / Stop-Loss: The dollar amount of claims filed for eligible expenses at which which point you've paid 100 percent of your out-of-pocket and the insurance begins to pay at 100%. Stop-loss is reached when an insured MORE