Technology / Computers / Desktop: Once an operating system finishes loading and you are able to see the graphical background and program icons, this is said to be your 'desktop'. The electronic desktop is a metaphor for the actual desktop at your home or office in which you will find your many business tools.

Desktop Window Manager (DWM)

Technology / Computers / Desktop Window Manager (DWM): This new visual style (Aero Glass) and look in Windows Vista is powered by Windows Vista's Desktop Window Manager. A video card supporting the Longhorn Display Driver Model (LDDM) system is necessary MORE

Portable Document Format (PDF)

Technology / Computers / Portable Document Format (PDF): A technology developed by Adobe and was designed to capture all of the elements of a printed document and place it in a singe image file. This PDF file can be navigated, printed or attached to an emai MORE


Technology / Email / Webmail: Any of several Web-based email clients where clients have to go to a Web site to access or download email instead of using a desktop application. Some examples are Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail. MORE


Business / Internet Marketing / Widget: A widget is a live update on a website, webpage, or desktop. Widgets contain personalized neatly organized content or applications selected by its user. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / ATA: Term used to describe a camera, which supports the electrical interface standard, defined by the pc card association (formerly pcmcia), known as ata (at attachment). This is the mobile computing equiv MORE


Technology / Computers / Aero: Aero is the name of Windows Vista's new graphical interface that gives users an exciting new desktop look and feel. It stands for: Authentic, Energetic, Reflective and Open. It is designed to be very MORE