Device Driver

Technology / Computers / Device Driver: A program that resides in memory and is loaded to control a device. Most devices like sound cards, graphics cards, and often printers, require device drivers to help the computer operate the device properly.

Other Words for Device

Device Noun Synonyms: stratagem, scheme, trick, artifice, ruse, plot, ploy, gambit, strategy, maneuver, machination, machinery, apparatus, mechanism, contrivance, gimmick, tool, weapon
Device Verb Synonyms: contrivance, mechanism, machine, machinery, implement, utensil, apparatus, instrument, appliance, tool, gadget, gimmick, contraption, widget, thingumajig or thingamajig, gubbins

Virtual Device Driver (VDD)

Technology / Computers / Virtual Device Driver (VDD): In Windows systems, a special type of device driver that has direct access to the operating system kernel. This allows them to interact with system and hardware resources at a very low level. In Windo MORE

Programmable Logic Device (PLD)

Technology / Computers / Programmable Logic Device (PLD): A digital integrated circuit that can be programmed by the user to perform a wide variety of logical operations. MORE

Piezoelectric Driver

Technology / Home Audio / Piezoelectric Driver: This is among the most robust and least expensive alternative drivers for the high frequency reproduction. The material used in the Piezoelectric Driver is a piezoelectric polymer first developed in t MORE

Motion-Caption Device

Technology / Television (TV) / Motion-Caption Device: A system by which the movement of three-dimensional objects or humans is traced by a computer. MORE

Prosthetic Devices

Health / Dentistry / Prosthetic Devices: A device that replaces all or a part of the human body because a part of the body is permanently damaged, is absent or is malfunctioning. MORE

Remote Control Device (RCD)

Technology / Television (TV) / Remote Control Device (RCD): A device that allows one to operate a television without directly touching it. MORE