Technology / Computers / Digital: A system that defines data in a discrete, non-fluctuating (i.e., non-analogue), numerical method. Similar to a binary system.

Secure Digital (SD) Card

Technology / Digital Cameras / Secure Digital (SD) Card: A Secure Digital (SD) card is an SDMI-compliant flash memory card used in many digital cameras, memory players, and other portable digital devices. Like other SDMI-compliant cards, an SD card uses an MORE

Digital Signal Processor (DSP)

Technology / Cell Phones / Digital Signal Processor (DSP): A microprocessor that digitizes analog signals. MORE

Digital Video Effects (DVE)

Technology / Television (TV) / Digital Video Effects (DVE): Special effects created with digital, computer-based technology. Compare with electronic effects. MORE

Digital Video Interactive (DVI)

Technology / Computers / Digital Video Interactive (DVI): A standard that integrates digital motion, still video, sound, graphics, and special effects in a compressed format. It is a highly sophisticated hardware compression technique used in many interactiv MORE

Digital Cable

Technology / Television (TV) / Digital Cable: A service provided by many cable providers (Time Warner and insight both offer it) which offers viewers more channels, access to pay-per-view programs, and online guides. Digital cable is not the same MORE

Digital Television (DTV)

Technology / Television (TV) / Digital Television (DTV): Transmitting a broadcast signal by encoding it as 0s and 1s the digital code used in computers. DTV can be compressed to provide four, five, or more channels in the same bandwidth required for one cha MORE