Digital Video Disc (DVD)

Technology / Computers / Digital Video Disc (DVD): Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc. This popular technology was first introduced in 1996. Its ability to store large amounts of information reliably made this a very common optical disc storage technology. It can hold between 4 to 28 times more data than that of the CD. A single sided DVD can store 4.7 GB (gigabytes) of information and 8.5 GB on dual-layered discs. Double sided DVDs can handle 9.4 GB on a single layered disc and 17 GB on a dual layered disc.

Interlaced Video

Technology / Television (TV) / Interlaced Video: TV frames consist of two fields of alternating lines that are scanned onto the picture display unit (e.g., picture tube) in rapid sequence to produce an interlaced video image. MORE

Interdisciplinary (Curriculum)

Life Style / College / Interdisciplinary (Curriculum): Study of all aspects of a particular field (e.g., chemistry, engineering) rather than complete specialization in a single area (e.g., marketing, electrical engineering). This gives students a broad, w MORE

Intersectional Discrimination

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Intersectional Discrimination: Discrimination not just because of one protected trait (e.g., race), but also because of the intersection of two or more protected bases (e.g., race and sex), i.e., Title VII prohibits discrimination MORE