Technology / Computers / Disk: Typically refers to a magnetic or optical storage medium on which information can be accessed, for example, the Hard Disk, Floppy Disk, CD, or DVD.

Optical Disk

Technology / Computers / Optical Disk: A disk that encodes data as a series of reflecting pits that are read and written by a laser beam. MORE

Hard Disk

Technology / Computers / Hard Disk: High-capacity disk storage unit with a non-removable hard storage medium. The platters in a hard disk are normally made out of aluminum or glass and ceramic. MORE

Disk Cache

Technology / Computers / Disk Cache: A portion of memory on the motherboard or another card or controller that is used to store information that is frequently accessed in order to speed up disk access. The large the cache, the greater am MORE

Digital Versatile Disk (DVD)

Technology / Television (TV) / Digital Versatile Disk (DVD): DVD, which once stood for Digital Video Disk or Digital Versatile Disk, is the next generation of optical disk storage technology. DVD holds a minimum of 4.7GB (gigabytes) of information on one of its MORE

Boot Disk

Technology / Computers / Boot Disk: This refers to a diskette that is formatted to actually boot your computer from. They were created as a backup tool in case the normal boot method (hard disk) has failed. MORE

Compact Disk (CD)

Technology / Computers / Compact Disk (CD): A 12cm optical disk that contains digitally encoded information. MORE