Docking Station

Technology / Computers / Docking Station: Equipment that allows a laptop or notebook computer to use peripherals and accessories normally associated with desktop systems without the hassle of plugging and unplugging each device.

Other Words for Station

Station Adjective Synonyms: place, position, spot, post, site, location
Station Noun Synonyms: position, place, status, rank, caste, standing, class, level

Station Pressure

Science / Weather / Station Pressure: The atmospheric pressure with respect to the station elevation. MORE

Stationary Bike

Health / Fitness / Stationary Bike: A cardiovascular machine that comes in two styles upright bikes and recumbent bikes. MORE

Stationary Front

Science / Weather / Stationary Front: A front which is nearly stationary or moves very little since the last synoptic position. May be known as a quasi-stationary front. MORE

Stationary Phase

Science / Chemistry / Stationary Phase: A stationary phase is a substance that shows different affinities for different components in a sample mixture in a separation of the mixture by chromatography. The mobile phase (a solution containing MORE

Station Elevation

Science / Weather / Station Elevation: The vertical distance above mean sea level that is the reference level for all current measurements of atmospheric pressure at that station. MORE


Science / Astrology / Station: A planet is said to 'make a station' at the degree it occupies when it appears motionless as its direction changes from direct to retrograde or vise versa. MORE