Dot Pitch

Technology / Computers / Dot Pitch: An image measurement taken from center to center between stripes or phosphor dots on monitor. The smaller the number, the better the image quality. This measurement is taken in millimeters and it is considered that 0.28 mm is the minimum acceptable display quality. The dot pitch of color monitors for personal computers ranges from about 0.15 mm to 0.30 mm. Other terms for dot pitch is phosphor pitch or line pitch.

Other Words for Dot

Dot Noun Synonyms: spot, fleck, speckle, stipple, bespeckle
Dot Verb Synonyms: spot, speck, point, jot, mark, iota, fleck, dab, decimal point, full stop, period

Other Words for Pitch

Pitch Noun Synonyms: erect, raise, set or put up, position, fix, place
Pitch Verb Synonyms: toss, throw, cast, fling, hurl, heave, sling, fire, launch, shoot, send, let fly, Cricket bowl, chuck, peg, lob, bung

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