Technology / Computers / Driver: A driver is a software program that is the driving force behind a device. Each computer device needs a driver. Many drivers are included with a computers operating system when you purchase it such as; keyboard, monitor and disk drives. In a Windows operating system, the divers file extension is .DRV. In a DOS system, they are .SYS. The driver is written with specific commands for the device it is written for.

Device Driver

Technology / Computers / Device Driver: A program that resides in memory and is loaded to control a device. Most devices like sound cards, graphics cards, and often printers, require device drivers to help the computer operate the device pr MORE

Piezoelectric Driver

Technology / Home Audio / Piezoelectric Driver: This is among the most robust and least expensive alternative drivers for the high frequency reproduction. The material used in the Piezoelectric Driver is a piezoelectric polymer first developed in t MORE

Compression Driver

Technology / Home Audio / Compression Driver: Compression drivers are usually dynamic; that is, with a magnet and interacting coil arrangement, and a small diaphragm as the main transducer. These are the motor parts, also known as the driver, of MORE