Dual Core

Technology / Computers / Dual Core: This refers to a new Central Processing Unit (CPU) structure. The difference between a single core and dual core is that a dual core system has two CPU's that are electronically wired together. These two CPU's wired together in parallel gives twice the performance than that of its single core counterpart.

Other Words for Core

Core Adjective Synonyms: centre, heart, middle, nucleus, inside(s)
Core Noun Synonyms: essence, marrow, heart, pith, gist, quintessence, sum and substance

Landing Page Quality Scores

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Landing Page Quality Scores: A measure used by Google to help filter noisy ads out of their AdWords program. When Google AdWords launched affiliates and arbitrage players made up a large portion of their ad market, but as more ma MORE

Logarithm of the Odd (LOD) Score

Science / Genetics / Logarithm of the Odd (LOD) Score: A measure of the likelihood of two loci being within a measurable distance of each other. MORE

Individualized Educational Plan

Life Style / Adoption / Individualized Educational Plan: IEP, a plan for educational support services and outcomes developed for students enrolled in special education programs. MORE