Dynamic Link Library (DLL)

Technology / Computers / Dynamic Link Library (DLL): This refers to a file that contains executable code that can be used by many different programs at the same time. DLLs have great benefits to a systems storage structure and offer performance benefits as well. Once a program is activated, the DLL file for that program is executed giving the system the proper instruction for that program. If another program uses the same set of instructions, the same DLL will will execute the same instructions for that program. Having the DLL files saves the system from storing this information in a dedicated manor which creates a faster load time for the program and saves a lot of space on a systems hard drive. Dynamic link libraries are stored in files with the .DLL file extension.

Other Words for Dynamic

Dynamic Adjective Synonyms: dynamical, vigorous, active, forceful, energetic, potent, powerful, high-powered, lively, spry, vital, electric, spirited, zealous, eager, emphatic

Other Words for Link

Link Noun Synonyms: connection, tie-up, tie-in, relation, relationship, association, affiliation, interdependence
Link Adjective Synonyms: tie, bond, coupling, connector, vinculum, element, constituent, component

Linkage Disequilibrium

Science / Genetics / Linkage Disequilibrium: Where alleles occur together more often than can be accounted for by chance. Indicates that the two alleles are physically close on the dna strand. MORE

Linkage Map

Science / Genetics / Linkage Map: A map of the relative positions of genetic loci on a chromosome, determined on the basis of how often the loci are inherited together. Distance is measured in centimorgans (cm). MORE


Science / Biology / Linkage: The condition in which the inheritance of a specific chromosome is coupled with that of a given gene. The genes stay together during meiosis and end up in the same gamete. MORE