Dynamic URL

Technology / Computers / Dynamic URL: A Web site that is database driven can produce dynamic URLs. Or a URL of a Web site that is produced by running a script can be considered to be a dynamic URL. For instance, if you visit a Web page that displays a message that states: 'This page has moved, you will be automatically be taken to the new page'. The Webmaster has written a script in to the old Web page that gives the ability to dynamically redirect you to the new page.

Other Words for Dynamic

Dynamic Adjective Synonyms: dynamical, vigorous, active, forceful, energetic, potent, powerful, high-powered, lively, spry, vital, electric, spirited, zealous, eager, emphatic

Group Dynamics

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Group Dynamics: The social manner in which people interact with each other within a group. MORE

Human Energy Dynamics

Health / Massage / Human Energy Dynamics: This therapy, though similar to reiki, uses the English language instead of symbols. It involves setting up and normalizing polarities, as well as bringing universal energy into structures of the body MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Knurl: A decorative gripping surface of straight-line or diagonal design made by uniformly serrated rolls called knurls. MORE