Electronic Email (E-Mail)

Technology / Computers / Electronic Email (E-Mail): Stands for Electronic Mail. This is a system of relaying messages across the Internet, from one Internet user to another.

Email Harvesting

Technology / Email / Email Harvesting: An automated process in which a robot program searches Web pages or other Internet destinations for email addresses. The program collects the address into a database, which frequently gets resold to s MORE

Email Friendly Name

Technology / Email / Email Friendly Name: The portion of the email address that is displayed in most, though not all, email readers in place of, or in addition to, the email address. MORE

Email Marketing

Business / Internet Marketing / Email Marketing: The promotion of products or services via email. MORE

Email Newsletter

Technology / Email / Email Newsletter: Content distributed to subscribers by email, on a regular schedule. Content is seen as valued editorial in and of itself rather than primarily a commercial message with a sales offer. See ezine. MORE

Email Spam

Business / Internet Marketing / Email Spam: Unwanted, unsolicited email. MORE

Email Prefix

Technology / Email / Email Prefix: The portion of the email address to the left of the @ sign. MORE