Energy Star

Technology / Computers / Energy Star: A certification program started by the environmental Protection Agency. Energy Star certified computers and peripherals are designed to draw less power - less than 30 watts from a 110-volt AC outlet during inactivity.

Other Words for Energy

Energy Verb Synonyms: vitality, forcefulness, vivacity, liveliness, vigor, animation, spirit, force, dynamism, drive, verve, dash, intensity, power, determination, puissance, strength, might, pep, vim and vigor, stick-to-it-iveness, get-up-and-go, zip, zing

Other Words for Star

Star Noun Synonyms: celestial or heavenly body, evening star, morning star, falling star, shooting star, comet, nova, supernova
Star Adjective Synonyms: celebrity, personage, dignitary, VIP, name, somebody, luminary, leading light, leading man or woman or lady, lead, principal, diva, prima donna, hero, heroine, idol, superstar, top banana, headliner, big shot, (big) draw, celeb, big


Life Style / Christmas / Star: A bright point in the night sky which is a large, distant incandescent body like the sun. MORE

Split Phase Start

Technology / Motors / Split Phase Start: Motor which employs a main winding and an auxiliary winding, which is called the starting winding. The windings are unlike and thereby 'split' the single phase of the power supply by causing a phase d MORE

Second Ionization Energy

Science / Chemistry / Second Ionization Energy: The energy needed to remove an electron from an isolated +1 ion. The third ionization energy would be the energy required to remove an electron from an isolated +2 ion, and so on. MORE

Rotational Energy

Entertainment / Bowling / Rotational Energy: The energy created by the release and rotation of the hand up, around, through, and/or over the ball. This is the rotation of the ball. MORE

Star Image

Technology / Television (TV) / Star Image: A representation of an actor that is fabricated through the media texts of promotion, publicity, television programs, and criticism. MORE

Star Service

Life Style / Travel / Star Service: A critical guide describing in detail many hotel and cruise ship properties. Can be subjective, as it is based on someone's opinion, but provides a travel agent with a non-commercial point-of-view. MORE