Enhanced Integrated Development Environment (EIDE)

Technology / Computers / Enhanced Integrated Development Environment (EIDE): Enhanced Integrated Development Environment. This an enhanced version of the IDE hardware technology but is much faster. It allows for more memory, can access larger hard drives and can support up to four other IDE devices.

Other Words for Development

Development Noun Synonyms: evolution, growth, evolvement, maturation, unfolding, maturing, maturity, increase, expansion, enlargement, increment, advance, advancement, progress, improvement
Development Verb Synonyms: occurrence, happening, event, incident, circumstance, situation, condition, phenomenon

Other Words for Environment

Environment Adjective Synonyms: surroundings, environs, atmosphere, ecosystem, conditions, habitat, circumstances, medium, milieu, territory, locale, setting, mise en scŠne, situation

Integrated-Eclectic Massage

Health / Massage / Integrated-Eclectic Massage: This practice indicates a combination of various massage, bodywork, and somatic therapy techniques utilized by a practitioner in the course of a session. MORE

Internal Environment

Science / Biology / Internal Environment: In multicellular organisms, the aqueous environment that is outside the cells but inside the body. MORE

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)

Technology / Computers / Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN): Basically a way to move more data over regular existing phone lines. ISDN is available to much of the USA and in most markets it is priced very comparably to standard analog phone circuits. It can pro MORE

Integrated Rate Law

Science / Chemistry / Integrated Rate Law: Rate laws like d[A]/dt = -k[A] give instantaneous concentration changes. To find the change in concentration over time, the instantaneous changes must by added (integrated) over the desired time inter MORE

Integrated Pension Plan

Business / Taxes / Integrated Pension Plan: In an integrated pension plan, your employer counts part of your Social Security benefit in the defined benefit pension you’re entitled to and takes that amount out of your income. You still collect MORE

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Business / Agriculture / Integrated Pest Management (IPM): A pest control strategy based on the determination of an economic threshold that indicates when a pest population is approaching the level at which control measures are necessary to prevent a decline MORE