Technology / Computers / Environment: The interaction of all things external to a physical platform. This could be made up of software, hardware or networking procedures that communicate with the system to provide a particular service.

Other Words for Environment

Environment Adjective Synonyms: surroundings, environs, atmosphere, ecosystem, conditions, habitat, circumstances, medium, milieu, territory, locale, setting, mise en scŠne, situation

Environmental Chemistry

Science / Chemistry / Environmental Chemistry: The study of natural and man-made substances in the environment, including the detection, monitoring, transport, and chemical transformation of chemical substances in air, water, and soil. MORE

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Technology / Computers / Integrated Development Environment (IDE): A programming environment integrated into an application. For example, Microsoft Office applications support various versions of the BASIC programming language. You can develop a WordBasic application MORE

Environmental Stress

Science / Marine Biology / Environmental Stress: Variously defined as (a) an environmental change to which an organism cannot acclimate and (b) an environmental change that increases the probability of death MORE

Hostile Environment Harassment

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Hostile Environment Harassment: Sexual or other discriminatory conduct that is so severe and pervasive that it interferes with an individual’s ability to perform the job, creates an intimidating, offensive, threatening or humiliat MORE

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

Business / Agriculture / Environmental Impact Statement (EIS): A document required of federal agencies by the National Environmental Policy Act for major projects or administration-initiated legislative proposals significantly affecting the environment. A tool fo MORE

Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation And Liability Act (CERCLA)

Business / Real Estate / Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation And Liability Act (CERCLA): A federal law administered by the Environmental Protection Agency that establishes a process for identifying parties responsible for creating hazardous waste sites, forcing liable parties to cleanup t MORE