Expansion Bus

Technology / Computers / Expansion Bus: A group of control lines that provide a buffered interface to devices located either on the system board or on cards that are plugged into expansion connectors. Common expansion buses included on the system board are USB, PC Card, and PCI.

Other Words for Expansion

Expansion Verb Synonyms: increase, augmentation, development, enlargement, extension, burgeoning or bourgeoning, flourishing, growth, spread


Technology / Computers / BUS: A bus is a grouping of wires that allow the flow of data from one area of the computer to another. It is thought of that a bus represents a highway that the data travels through in the computer system MORE

Front Side Bus

Technology / Computers / Front Side Bus: This is the main pathway for data transfer in a PC. It connects all of a computers major components, such as; memory, AGP socket and chipset. MORE

Fictitious Business (Company) Name

Business / Real Estate / Fictitious Business (Company) Name: A business name other than that of the person under whom the business is registered. Most state license laws require such brokerage offices operating under an assumed name be jointly registered under MORE

Fence Buster

Entertainment / Baseball / Fence Buster: A heavy hitter. MORE

Expansion Team

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Expansion Team: A team that has been recently added to the nhl. MORE

Globus Hystericus

Science / Psychiatry / Globus Hystericus: The disturbing sensation of a lump in the throat. MORE