Expansion Card

Technology / Computers / Expansion Card: This is a circuit card that it attached to the motherboards expansion slot. By using an expansion card, you can increase a systems functionality by providing the access to additional devices or features.

Other Words for Card

Card Noun Synonyms: playing-card, pasteboard

Other Words for Expansion

Expansion Verb Synonyms: increase, augmentation, development, enlargement, extension, burgeoning or bourgeoning, flourishing, growth, spread

Expansion Slot

Technology / Computers / Expansion Slot: The slot on the motherboard designed to be filled by expansion cards. See above. MORE

Internal Expansion

Business / Finance / Internal Expansion: Growth of assets resulting from internal financing or internally generated cash flow. MORE

Integrated Circuit Card ID (ICCID)

Technology / Cell Phones / Integrated Circuit Card ID (ICCID): 19 or 20-digit serial number of the SIM card. MORE

ID Card

Health / Dentistry / ID Card: Identification cards are provided to all participants for proper identification under their group health plan. ID card information helps providers verify patient eligibility for coverage. MORE

Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca)

Health / Herbs / Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca): Antispasm, nervine hepatic, cardiac tonic, hypotensive. The latin names of this plant show its range of uses from delayed menstrual due to anxiety and uterine conditions while cardiaca indicates its u MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Muscardin: Minor grape grown in the southern Rhone region of France and used to create color and body in red wine blends. MORE