Expansion Slot

Technology / Computers / Expansion Slot: The slot on the motherboard designed to be filled by expansion cards. See above.

Other Words for Expansion

Expansion Verb Synonyms: increase, augmentation, development, enlargement, extension, burgeoning or bourgeoning, flourishing, growth, spread

Other Words for Slot

Slot Adjective Synonyms: opening, position, vacancy, job, place, assignment, niche, space, spot, pigeon-hole
Slot Noun Synonyms: groove, fissure, notch, slit, opening, hollow, depression, channel, sulcus

Expansion Card

Technology / Computers / Expansion Card: This is a circuit card that it attached to the motherboards expansion slot. By using an expansion card, you can increase a systems functionality by providing the access to additional devices or featur MORE

Slot Alley

Entertainment / Bowling / Slot Alley: A lane with a worn track that guides the ball into the pocket, making strikes easy. MORE


Technology / Aviation / Slot: A long, narrow, spanwise gap in a wing, usually near the leading edge, to improve airflow at high angles of attack for slower landing speeds. MORE

Orbital Slots

Technology / Television (TV) / Orbital Slots: Orbital slots refer to the location of satellites around the globe. Their are 6 main slots used for DBS TV. MORE

Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion

Business / Machine Shop / Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion: The increase in length per unit length for each degree a metal is heated. MORE

Slotted Flap

Technology / Aviation / Slotted Flap: A flap that, when depressed, exposes a SLOT and increases airflow between itself and the rear edge of the wing. MORE