External Device

Technology / Computers / External Device: A peripheral or device that is installed outside of the computer system.

Other Words for Device

Device Noun Synonyms: stratagem, scheme, trick, artifice, ruse, plot, ploy, gambit, strategy, maneuver, machination, machinery, apparatus, mechanism, contrivance, gimmick, tool, weapon
Device Verb Synonyms: contrivance, mechanism, machine, machinery, implement, utensil, apparatus, instrument, appliance, tool, gadget, gimmick, contraption, widget, thingumajig or thingamajig, gubbins

Other Words for External

External Adjective Synonyms: apparent, visible, perceptible, superficial, surface
External Verb Synonyms: outside, exterior, extrinsic, extraneous, alien, foreign, exotic
External Noun Synonyms: outer, outside, outward, exterior

Handheld Device Markup Language (HDML)

Technology / Cell Phones / Handheld Device Markup Language (HDML): A specialized version of HTML designed to enable wireless pagers, cell phones and other handheld devices to obtain information from Web pages. HDML was developed by Phone.com (formerly Unwired Planet) MORE

Internal Device

Technology / Computers / Internal Device: Any device installed inside a computer case or chassis. MORE

Charge Coupled Device (CCD)

Technology / Digital Cameras / Charge Coupled Device (CCD): One of the two main types of image sensors used in digital cameras. When a picture is taken, the CCD is struck by light coming through the camera's lens. Each of the thousands or millions of tiny pixe MORE

External Obsolescence

Business / Real Estate / External Obsolescence: A type of incurable depreciation caused by negative factors not on the subject property, such as environmental, social or ecomomic forces. The loss in value can not be reversed by spending money on th MORE

External Modem

Technology / Computers / External Modem: A modem that is separate from the actual computer system and is self-contained in its own box. Because of the additional expense of creating the housing for the external modem, they tend to be a littl MORE

Motion-Caption Device

Technology / Television (TV) / Motion-Caption Device: A system by which the movement of three-dimensional objects or humans is traced by a computer. MORE