External Modem

Technology / Computers / External Modem: A modem that is separate from the actual computer system and is self-contained in its own box. Because of the additional expense of creating the housing for the external modem, they tend to be a little more expensive that its internal modem counterpart. An external modem can be easily moved from one computer to the next because it is not attached directly to the printed circuit board is the internal modem is.

Other Words for External

External Verb Synonyms: outside, exterior, extrinsic, extraneous, alien, foreign, exotic
External Adjective Synonyms: apparent, visible, perceptible, superficial, surface
External Noun Synonyms: outer, outside, outward, exterior

Internal Modem

Technology / Computers / Internal Modem: A modem that resides on an expansion board that plugs into a computer. In contrast, an external modem is a box that attaches to a computer's COM port via cables. MORE

Fax Modem

Technology / Computers / Fax Modem: A device you can attach to a personal computer that enables you to transmit and receive electronic documents as faxes. A fax modem is like a regular modem except that it is designed to transmit docume MORE

Externally Ventilated

Technology / Motors / Externally Ventilated: A motor using an external cooling system. This is required in applications where the motor's own fan will not provide sufficient cooling: this is true for certain duty cycle applications, slow speed m MORE