Technology / Computers / Extranet: An extranet is similar to an intranet. They both use Internet protocols. The difference is that the extranet is designed to give a certain amount of access to outside users where an intranet is securely set behind a firewall and intended to be viewed by company employees or members of an organization only. An extranet can be controlled to provide various levels of accessibility to outside users and to what parts of the extranet they are authorized to view. See Also: Intranet


Technology / Computers / Portal: A web site that aims to be an entry point to the World-Wide Web, typically offering a search engine and/or links to useful pages, and possibly news or other services. These services are usually provid MORE


Technology / Computers / Intranet: A private network for communications and sharing of information that, like the Internet, is based on TCP/IP but is accessible only to authorized users within an organization. An organization’s intra MORE