Fax Modem

Technology / Computers / Fax Modem: A device you can attach to a personal computer that enables you to transmit and receive electronic documents as faxes. A fax modem is like a regular modem except that it is designed to transmit documents to a fax machine or to another fax modem. Some, but not all, fax modems do double duty as regular modems. As with regular modems, fax modems can be either internal or external. Internal fax modems are often called fax boards.


Technology / Computers / Modem: Stands for MOdulator/DEMODulator. This is a word created out of the beginning letters of two other words: MOdulation and DEModulation. The words mean the changing of data from digital (computer langua MORE

Modem Pools

Technology / Cell Phones / Modem Pools: Racks of modems used to deliver reliable cellular data communications. MORE

Modem Speeds

Business / Internet Marketing / Modem Speeds: The speed at which you connect to the Internet through your computer's modem. They include 14.4, 28,8, 33.6 and ISDN. T1 and T3 are high speed connections that don't require a modem. MORE