Technology / Computers / Fetch: The process of 'fetching' a data or instruction item from memory and writing it to a register. The 'fetched' item is then either executed (instruction), or acted upon (data).

Other Words for Fetch

Fetch Noun Synonyms: get, go after or for, bring (back), retrieve, deliver, obtain, carry or convey (back)
Fetch Verb Synonyms: reach, stretch, range, span, extent


Technology / Computers / SuperFetch: A memory management technology in Windows Vista that is designed to launch applications more quickly by getting the most out of the available RAM (random access memory). SuperFetch has the ability to MORE


Science / Geology / Swell: An oceanic water wave with a wavelength on the order of 30 meters or more and a height of perhaps 2 meters or less that may travel great distances from its source. MORE


Technology / Rockets / Ullage: Unfilled volume of a propellant tank and rarely the unfilled volume in a solid motor. MORE


Science / Weather / Surge: The increase in sea water height from the level that would normally occur were there no storm. Although the most dramatic surges are associated with hurricanes, even smaller low pressure systems can c MORE

Wind Wave

Science / Weather / Wind Wave: An ocean or lake wave resulting from the action of wind on the water's surface. After it leaves its fetch area, it is considered a swell. MORE

Pipeline Burst Cache

Technology / Computers / Pipeline Burst Cache: A type of memory cache built into many modern DRAM controller and chipset designs. Pipeline burst caches use two techniques - a burst mode that pre-fetches memory contents before they are requested, a MORE