Fiber Optic

Technology / Computers / Fiber Optic: An alternative to copper wire for transmitting information. In fiber optics, pulses of light representing binary data are flashed along a flexible glass fiber. The advantage over copper wiring is that a single strand of optical fiber can carry thousands and thousands of different frequencies at once without data loss.

Other Words for Fiber

Fiber Noun Synonyms: filament, thread, strand, fibril, tendril
Fiber Verb Synonyms: texture, structure, material, fabric

Optical Wedge

Entertainment / Photography / Optical Wedge: Is a strip of material, clear at one end and gradually increasing in opacity, which is used to determine the effect of light intensities on sensitized materials. MORE

Optical Sensitizing

Entertainment / Photography / Optical Sensitizing: Is a method of increasing a films sensitivity by the use of dyes. MORE

Optical Glass

Entertainment / Photography / Optical Glass: Is used for manufacturing lenses and prisms. It is specially manufactured to be free of defects and distortion, and to withstand heat and humidity. Each type f optical glass is classified according to MORE