Technology / Computers / Folder: As displayed in a graphical user interface, simulates a file folder that contains other objects, similar to how one would use a file in a file cabinet.

Bulk Folder

Technology / Email / Bulk Folder: Where many email clients send messages that appear to be from spammers or contain spam or are from any sender who's not in the recipient's address book or contact list. Some clients allow the recipien MORE


Technology / Email / Greylisting: Process of routing email to a bulk folder if it is borderline spam, as determined by a receiving ISP. MORE


Technology / Email / Filters: Filters automatically move incoming emails into separate folders according to criteria that you specify. These criteria may be based on who the email is from, the priority, the subject, the main messa MORE

Canonical URL

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Canonical URL: Many content management systems are configured with errors which cause duplicate or exceptionally similar content to get indexed under multiple URLs. Many webmasters use inconsistent link structures t MORE


Business / Construction / Index: The interest rate or adjustment standard that determines the changes in monthly payments for an adjustable rate loan. MORE

Search Facility

Technology / Email / Search Facility: Allows you find email messages in your folders based on certain criteria that you specify - very useful if you have a lot of messages stored in a large number of folders. MORE